Mura Lab

at the University of Virginia

Mura Lab peeps, 18feb2013
Mura Lab peeps, traditional, 13apr2012
Jen presenting her poster, 12apr2012, Chem Dept poster session
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Current Personnel (names link to personal websites)



Cameron Mura

  • Senior Scientist, Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Virginia [2018 → present]
    Other affiliations: Data Science Institute; Structural & Computational Biology and Biophysics,
    UVa Health Sciences; UVa Cancer Research Center; Biotechnology Training Program;
    Beckman Scholars mentor; UVa Center for Public Health Genomics
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Virginia [08/2008 → 05/2018]
  • Postdoctoral studies, UC San Diego
    Advisor: Prof. J. Andrew McCammon
    Funding: Sloan/DOE Fellowship in Computational Molecular Biology
  • PhD Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, UCLA
    Advisor: Prof. David Eisenberg
    Funding: NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
  • BS Chemistry, with Highest Honors, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Advisor: Prof. Loren Dean Williams
    Funding: NSF-REU programs at Columbia Univ [1994], UCLA [1995]
  • CV | Résumé [pdf]
  • Scientific genealogy — backwards (mentors) and forwards (mentees) from my narrow slice of the universe

Research staff, Postdoctoral associates

Graduate students

Catherine Ehrhart

Ehrhart, Catherine I.

  • BS Biochemistry, BS Chemistry; Old Dominion University
  • Began rotation in Aug-2016
  • Interests → Structural biology of RNPs
  • CV [pdf]
Charles McAnany

McAnany, Charles E.

  • BS Chemistry, BS Chemical Engineering; Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
  • Began in Jan-2013
  • Interests → Molecular dynamics simulations
  • CV [pdf]
Kim Stanek

Stanek, Kimberly A.

  • BS Biochemistry, BA Chemistry; University at Buffalo
  • Began in Sep-2012
  • Interests → Crystallography of RNP systems
  • CV [pdf]

Undergraduate students

Sooraj Achar

Achar, Sooraj

  • 4th–year UVa undergrad
  • Interests → computational biology, molecular simulations
  • CV [pdf]
Maryam Ansari

Ansari, Maryam

  • 4th–year UVa undergrad (joint with Lampe lab, ChemE)
  • Interests → computational sciences, neurosciences
  • CV [pdf]
Jane Nguyen

Nguyen, Jane

  • 3rd–year UVa undergrad
  • Interests → crystallography, structural biology
  • CV [pdf]

^ Former Lab Members

Postdoctoral–level associates, Research staff

  • Dasgupta, Bhaskar [postdoc Sep 2008 → May 2009] :: PhD Biochemistry, Jadavpur Univ / Bose Institute (Dec 2007)


Note: PhD graduates of the lab are prefixed with 'Dr'.
  • Cieślik, Marcin [Jan 2009 → Jan 2011] :: MSc Biotechnology, Jagiellonian Univ / UVa
  • Jasiński, Maciej [Nov 2014] :: Univ of Warsaw; Visited from the Trylska group's Biomolecular Machines Laboratory at ICM, Univ Warsaw (see Collaborators), where he is currently completing his PhD studies.
  • Cline, Matthew [Jan 2014 → Jun 2016] :: BS Chemistry, BS Physics, Bridgewater College (2013)
  • Kabziński, Tomasz [Jan 2009 → Jan 2012] :: MSc Biochemistry, UVa (May 2012)
    next: Began PhD studies in biochemistry at Masaryk Univ (Brno, Czech Republic) in Fall 2012.
  • Lee, Chris [Sep 2011 → 2013] :: BS Chemistry/Biochem & BA Computer Science, UVA (May 2011); MSc Biochemistry, UVA (2013)
    next: Began PhD studies in biochemistry and computational biology at UCSD in Fall 2013.
  • Nilaweera, Thushani [Jan 2014 → Jun 2016] :: BS Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka; MSc Chemistry, Univ Iowa (2014)
  • Panecka, Joanna [Jun → Aug 2009] :: Univ of Warsaw; Visited from the Trylska group's Biomolecular Machines Laboratory at ICM, Univ Warsaw (see Collaborators), where she completed a PhD in biophysics in 2015.
  • Dr West (née Patterson), Jennifer [Jan 2010 → Jun 2014] :: PhD Biochemistry, UVa (May 2014)
    next: Began postdoctoral studies, on the biochemistry of RNA polymerase, at the NIH (Bethesda, MD) in June 2014.
  • Dr Randolph, Peter [Jan 2010 → May 2016] :: PhD Biochemistry, UVa (May 2016)
    next: Began postdoctoral studies in CryoEM at FSU's Institute of Molecular Biophysics in June 2016.


  • Banton, Daryl [Feb 2008 → Mar 2009] :: BS Chemistry/Biochem, May 2008
    next: Began medical school at UVa in Summer 2009.
  • Carey, Miles [Feb → Dec 2008] :: BS Chemistry/Biochem, May 2009
    next: Teaching high school physical sciences in Richmond, VA and then Arlington, VA public schools.
  • Dayal, Arjun [Feb → Sep 2008] :: Graduated from UVa in May 2011.
  • Sood, Ravi [Feb → Oct 2008] :: BS Chemistry, May 2008
    next: Began a PhD program in computational biology at RPI in Fall 2009.
  • McCrimmon, Colin M. [Feb 2008 → Jul 2010] :: BS Chemistry & BS Biology with Highest Distinction, May 2010; Distinguished Major Thesis
    next: Pursuing MD/PhD studies at UC Irvine, starting Aug 2010.
  • Ebmeier, Sarah [Feb → May 2009] :: BS Chemistry/Biochem, May 2009
    next: Completed a Postbaccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award at the NIH in Summer 2009, and then pursued a PhD in the Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology program at Yale University (starting Fall 2011).
  • Nguyen, H. Thien [Jun 2009 → Aug 2010] :: BS Chemistry/Biochem, UVa, May 2009
    next: Pursued graduate studies in Biochemistry (structural biology) at UCSD, starting Aug 2010. Graduated with the PhD in Spring 2017.
  • Conrad, Collin [Sep 2010 → May 2012] :: BS Chemistry/Biochem with High Distinction, May 2012; Distinguished Major Thesis
    next: Started medical school at Wake Forest Univ in Fall 2013.
  • Chen, Eli Y.-Y [Sep 2011 → May 2012] :: BS Chemistry/Biochem & BA Music with Distinction, UVa (May 2011)
    next: Started graduate school in Music at Northwestern Univ in Fall 2012.
  • Jain, Kanishk [Aug 2010 → May 2013] :: BS Chemistry/Biochem, May 2013
    next: Started graduate school in Biochemistry at UCLA in Summer 2013.
  • Nemri, Katrina [Jan → May 2013] :: Graduated from UVa in May 2015.
  • Schleckman, Ellen [Aug 2012 → Jan 2014] :: Graduated from UVa in May 2015.
  • Bondalapati, Sai Teja [Oct 2014 → May 2015] :: Currently pursuing undergraduate studies at Johns Hopkins.
  • Ekmekci, Berk [Jun 2013 → May 2016] :: BS Computational & Statistical Biophysics, May 2016 (an Echols interdisciplinary major)
    next: Started as a scientific programmer (data sciences) at Thomson Reuters in Aug 2016.
  • Coupe, Sebastian [Apr 2015 → Jun 2017] :: BS Chemistry/Biochem, May 2017
    next: Began pursuing a PhD in the Biology Dept at MIT, starting Aug 2017.

^ Collaborators & Colleagues


Biomolecular Machines Laboratory – Trylska computational biophysics research group,
at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling, University of Warsaw

Lowe Lab – Archaeal RNA metabolism, non-coding RNAs, extremophiles
at the Department of Biomolecular Engineering, University of California, Santa Cruz

Lampe Group – Biomaterials for neural tissue engineering
at the Department of Chemical Engineering, UVa


At UVa: Other UVa groups working in areas of structural or computational biology, RNA, biochemistry, molecular biophysics, etc.:

Beyond UVa:

  • Richard Brennan → Nucleic acid structure; protein···nucleic acid recognition; Hfq
    Nick Hud → Nucleic acid structure, dynamics, biophysics; origin of life
    Roger Wartell → Nucleic acid structure, dynamics, biophysics; Hfq
    Loren Williams → Nucleic acid structure/dynamics; DNA electrostatics; ribosome as a window into evolution
  • Andy McCammon [postdoc advisor] → MD simulations; computational and molecular biophysics