Supplementary Material for Microsecond DNA paper
The following materials include video animations provided as part of the Supplementary Information for "Molecular dynamics of a κB DNA element: Base flipping via cross-strand intercalative stacking in a microsecond-scale simulation", by Mura & McCammon, Nucleic Acids Research (2008), 36(15), 4941–4955.
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[DIR] Parent Directory - [DIR] SMALLER_MOVIES/ 14-Apr-2009 11:03 - Supp. Movies A → D (smaller versions) [VID] XStrandStacking_LARGE.mpg 03-Oct-2007 13:10 210M Supp. Movie A (87.5s) larger version [VID] BaseFlipping_LARGE.mpg 03-Oct-2007 13:12 321M Supp. Movie B (125.0s) larger version [VID] BarbedTerminus_LARGE.mpg 03-Oct-2007 13:14 76M Supp. Movie C (44.0s) larger version [VID] Overview.mpg 21-Nov-2007 14:18 246M Supp. Movie D (212.7s) Entire µs-scale trajectory (0 → 1021 ns; 200-ps sampling; 2-pt smoothing) [   ] Mura_SuppAnimations_Summary.pdf 21-Nov-2007 15:07 153K README (provides detailed descriptions of the animations) [   ] Mura_NAR_SuppInfo.pdf 03-Jul-2008 14:31 63M Supplementary Information [   ] MuraMcCammon_2008_NAR_kBDNAMDflip.pdf 08-Aug-2009 14:31 16M Published manuscript
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