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  1. Oxyanion-Mediated Inhibition of Serine Proteases
    Steven R. Presnell, Girish S. Patil, Cameron Mura, Kevin M. Jude, Jennifer M. Conley, Jay A. Bertrand, Chih-Min Kam, James C. Powers, & Loren Dean Williams.*
    Biochemistry (1998), 37, 17068–17081.
    [PDF version] [DOI link] PDB link to 1BJU PDB link to 1BJV
  2. The Crystal Structure of a Heptameric Archaeal Sm Protein: Implications for the Sm Core of Eukaryotic SnRNPs
    Cameron Mura, Duilio Cascio, Michael R. Sawaya, & David Eisenberg.*
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (2001), 98, 5532–5537.
    [PDF version] [DOI link] PDB link to 1I8F
  3. Structure of a Nudix Protein from Pyrobaculum aerophilum Reveals a Dimer with Two Intersubunit β-Sheets
    Shuishu Wang, Cameron Mura, Michael R. Sawaya, & David Eisenberg.*
    Acta Crystallographica Section D (2002), 58, 571–578.
    [PDF version] [DOI link] PDB link to 1JRK PDB link to 1K26 PDB link to 1K2E
  4. Structure and Function of an Archaeal Homolog of Survival Protein E (SurEα): An Acid Phosphatase with Purine Nucleotide Specificity
    Cameron Mura, Jonathan E. Katz, Steven G. Clarke, & David Eisenberg.*
    Journal of Molecular Biology (2003), 326(5), 1559–1575.
    [PDF version] [DOI link] PDB link to 1L5X (Supplementary Materials [PDF]; Erratum [HTML, PDF])
  5. The Oligomerization and Ligand-binding Properties of Sm-like Archaeal Proteins (SmAPs)
    Cameron Mura, Anna Kozhukhovsky, Mari Gingery, Martin Phillips, & David Eisenberg.*
    Protein Science (2003), 12, 832–847.
    [PDF version] [DOI link] PDB link to 1JBM PDB link to 1JRI PDB link to 1LOJ PDB link to 1LNX
    Popular scientific coverage:
    Cover Illustration
    2003 PDB Holiday Postcard
    2003 PDB Annual Report (see last page)
  6. Structure and Assembly of an Augmented Sm-like Archaeal Protein 14-mer
    Cameron Mura, Martin Phillips, Anna Kozhukhovsky, & David Eisenberg.*
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (2003), 100(8), 4539–4544.
    [PDF version] [DOI link] PDB link to 1M5Q
  7. Three-dimensional Structures of Fibrillar Sm Proteins: Hfq and Other Sm-like Proteins
    Véronique Arluison,†∗ Cameron Mura, Maria Romero-Guzmán, Jean Liquier, Olivier Pellegrini, Mari Gingery, Philippe Régnier, & Sergio Marco.
    Journal of Molecular Biology (2006), 356(1), 86–96.
    [PDF version] [DOI link] (Supplementary Materials [PDF])
    Popular scientific coverage:
    2006 San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) Wall Calendar (Ms December)
    2004 PDB Holiday Postcard (not from my work, but same Sm-like protein that was part of this study)
  8. Sm-like Protein Hfq: Location of the ATP-binding Site and the Effect of ATP on Hfq•RNA Complexes
    Véronique Arluison, Shravan K. Mutyam, Cameron Mura, Sergio Marco, & Maxim V. Sukhodolets.*
    Protein Science (2007), 16, 1830–1841.
    [PDF version] [DOI link]
  9. Molecular Dynamics of a κB DNA Element: Base Flipping via Cross-strand Intercalative Stacking in a Microsecond-scale Simulation
    Cameron Mura* & J. Andrew McCammon.
    Nucleic Acids Research (2008), 36(15), 4941–4955.
    [PDF version] [DOI link] (Supplementary Materials [animations, text, & other info])
  10. RapA, the SWI/SNF Subunit of Escherichia coli RNA Polymerase, Promotes the Release of Nascent RNA from Transcription Complexes
    Brandon Yawn, Lin Zhang, Cameron Mura, & Maxim V. Sukhodolets.*
    Biochemistry (2009), 48, 7794–7806.
    [PDF version] [DOI link]
  11. Top Secret
    Cameron Mura*, et al.
    SuperTopSecret (2010), ##, 1234–5678.

    [PDF version] [DOI link]

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